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A herb garden at your fingertips

Gourmet Garden’s Foodservice range has been developed using only the freshest organically grown herbs and premium spices in order to capture the finest aromatics and flavours possible.

They deliver these key benefits:

  • Australian grown, organic herbs of superior quality
  • 100% yield
  • Ready to use convenience
  • Zero Waste
  • Zero Labour Cost
  • Zero Seasonal Variation in supply, price or flavour
  • Extensive 12 Months Shelf-Life
  • Exceptional Value

Their stir-in pastes keeps fresh for up to 12 weeks and add amazing flavour to your cooking with just a simple squeeze. Great for sauces, stir-fries and marinates.

Their organically grown lightly dried herbs is the closest thing to fresh herbs, keep for 12 months @-18C and last for 4 weeks @ 5C once opened. It’s world first technology captures and preserves all the colour, superior flavour & aroma of fresh herbs. Whether you choose to sprinkle, stir-in, rub or ganish, it instantly refreshes to deliver all the features of freshly chopped herbs – flavour, aroma, texture, appearance – but with an extended shelf life.

Garden Gourmet products add culinary flair to your menus delivering fresh flavour, vibrant aromatics and brilliant colour, making a strong visual flavour statement.


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